Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Welcoming

Have you ever walked into a home and it just felt nice to be there? You felt welcomed and cozy and comfortable. Believe it or not, the most charming homes are often not the biggest and most expensive ones, but instead are the quaint and traditional homes.

People relate strongly to what feels like home to their childhood and the 5 senses. The smell of Mom’s favorite recipe, the super soft and cloud like cushions of a couch. It’s simple and basic elements that really make a house a home. Listed below are our favorite ways to make any guest feel right at home. Keep in mind the 5 senses to really connect to the heart of those that walk in. 


What do your guests see when they enter your home? The key to that perfect first impression is organization as opposed to clutter. Too much “stuff” can feel overwhelming much as it does when things feel kinda chaotic in your own home. A clean, organized home makes for a calm and content mind. Add in pieces that make your home unique such as family photos, paintings or centerpieces that compliment your space.


This is so important! You could have the most immaculate home in appearance, but if it smells funny? Consider your guests uncomfortable and unable to fully enjoy the visit. Keeping the home clean obviously helps this situation, but remember that our noses can become accustomed to certain smells like pets. Try to keep natural deodorizers, air purifiers and fresh air in your home to prevent stale smells. Prior to guests arrival, we like to dab essential oil onto a cotton swab and put it in our bag-less vacuum container. Flip it on and the aroma swirls around and leaves a clean, refreshing scent throughout the home. We personally fancy lemon scent! 


Consider having some background sounds. This could be some light music suitable for the event or more of a natural sound that you may hear at a spa. Try to keep in mind that your favorite music may not be theirs and try to cater it when possible. Go for more generic sounds by searching different playlists that are ready made and available. Be sure to make it loud enough to hear, but not loud enough that it interrupts conversation. 


Keep it cozy! We’ve never met anyone that didn’t have love for a big comfy, soft blanket! Keep your couches “loungey”, and keep blankets soft and over-sized. If you like the rigid and industrial look, add softer elements when possible. Additionally, make sure your home is an appropriate temperature, so they don’t freeze or overheat while visiting.


A way to anyone’s heart? Their stomach! Try and have a few beverage and snack options. Unexpected guests may make this a bit more difficult, but if you can keep a few things on hand for those times, then stock up! Use recipes that cover different taste buds. Healthy and clean vegetables for some, freshly baked cookies for others, and spicy dips and chips for those that crave flavor. Just keep in mind that everyone has unique tastes so there’s at least something for everyone! If it’s a planned event, remember that cooking and baking beforehand will help add to the yummy smells in your home.

The most welcoming thing you can do for your home? Smiles and a stress free vibe. Don’t let any of the above drive you too crazy. Simply embrace conversation and be happy. Remember to ask guests if they need anything, always thank them for stopping by and no matter what, they’ll want to come back!

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