The Hardest Thing in Life

This question begs to be answered during the current state of our Union and World….“What is the Hardest thing in life?”.  I have had two privileges that have allowed me to offer up a suggestion on what might be the hardest thing in life.  I have had the privilege of traveling around the world, mostly on mission trips, and the privilege of having a very diverse career path allowing me to see all types of entities and how they tell their story about who they are, what they do, and how they can help others all under the guise of marketing.

So many decisions in life just make sense and are easy to come to a conclusion.  For me this could not have been truer than when I looked at religion.  There are facts that have held up over time and then there is the life experiences that continue to show there is a God who loves us and pursues us like no other.  My decision to be a Christian is and was based on facts that could be verified and proved out in my own life.  Let’s look at another truth…..all of us, no matter our race, religion or sex all seek LOVE.  This too in my life has played out and proven by finding love a second time as I have remarried and found someone who loves me as much as I love them.  

So….what is the hardest thing in life you ask……

Knowing TRUTH……Not truth from a spiritual or religious standpoint but rather truth as it relates to what we hear, see, and experience in our everyday lives.  I know….you may or may not agree with what our current President calls “Fake News” ….reality is we have to gather our information from somewhere.  If we look at the current state of our union and world it is super confusing….and the reason…….the lack of TRUTH or the inability to determine TRUTH.  Just pause for a moment and consider all the “stories” that are being fed to us, all of which have to be considered when trying to decide everyday life decisions like: do I wear a face mask, do I even go out, do I go to restaurants, how many times do I wash my hands, can my kids have friends over, how and where do I invest my money and the list goes on and on and on.  The stories being fed to us range from this virus was manufactured and should be treated like chemical warfare and we should isolate until a vaccination is found because it is a part of a plan to abolish the USA to this is virus is no worse than the common flu.  WOW….those two stories are worlds apart.  I am not writing this to help you determine what truth is but rather to point out it is the hardest thing in life……Determining what is truth…..

Now for a real lifetime example of how truth is distorted.  My wife and I own a small business called FoxCarr.  We mostly sell picture frames online and are adding a few other products.  As a result of a relationship we have with someone in China we grown to trust we ordered some KN95 Face Masks to offer to our friends and family.  Everywhere we turned face masks could not be found and we were being told by ALL media outlets there was a shortage, so we purchased some.  We tried to publish information on Facebook and Instagram to let people know we had them.  We were even willing to offer to sell these masks at cost to any nursing home or essential worker who could not get masks…..and to our surprise, Facebook withheld our post from being seen.  Ebay and Amazon state you cannot sell such items because of price gouging.  Our intention was never to price gouge but rather to help those we love.  If you know of anyone wanting or needing protective face masks visit  You can find the masks and all the products we currently sell under the shop tab.  

Let me offer you a solution as you work through what truth is……LOVE harder……Continue to seek truth in the middle of loving God, your family, and all mankind.  

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