The Best Ways to Show Love to Your Dogs

Being able to love a dog and be a dog Mom is by far one of the best parts of our daily life! Since a very young age, there was no doubt we had major love for all dogs. Even when our parents wouldn’t allow any in the home, we knew that once we branched out on our own that it would take very little time to adopt a dog or two.

Fast forward to adulthood and independence, we have already been blessed to care for and love several different dogs. That being said, along with adulthood comes responsibility and not nearly enough free time to love those dogs.

Here’s our favorite ways to get those tails wagging, even with a small amount of time!

Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade dog treat recipes can be found all over the internet. We love making treats for our dogs for a few different reasons. For starters, many homemade dog treats are made with minimal ingredients keeping it simple for you, and healthier for them. This Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe from Damn Delicious has just four ingredients, all of which you are in control of in terms of quality. Take a half hour out of your Sunday and whip up a batch for the whole week! Your dog will love it!

Dog Car Rides

Simple right!? Our dogs love a nice car ride. Just as long as your dog doesn’t get car sick (it happens lol), then take them with you while you run some errands. Let the fresh air hit their face and spice up their daily activity. Not only will they love seeing the world, they will love doing next to nothing and just being with YOU!

Dog Riding in Car

Warm Blankets or Laundry

Our dogs go wild over something warm to snuggle. They love sunbathing in the summer, and in the cold winter months they LOVE a fresh load of warm laundry. Did we mention it’s also adorable?! We love giving them some time to get cozy in warm laundry or right after washing and drying their bedding. Encourage them to nestle in. It may not seem like much, but it’s kind of like a mini spa session to them. 😍

Dog in Blankets

Dog Park Fun

Dog Parks are perfect if your dog gets along well with other dogs. Taking a trip to the dog park where they can run and play freely with other dogs is a great way to burn energy and socialize them. It also normalizes the presence of other dogs if your dog tends to get a lil’ wound up. Showing them fun and exercise on a regular basis is so important for our pups to live their best life!

Dog Park


If you can’t make it to a dog park or simply don’t live in an area where they are available, then take matters into your own hands. Beyond playing fetch, there are tons of ways to get playful with your furry friend both inside and outside. Check out this article on ways to keep your dog busy indoors. There are a variety of simple games, toys and brain teasers that you can use to entertain your dog. It exercises both their mind and body.

Dog Playing

Massaging or Brushing Fur

Not sure about you, but I don’t know anyone or any animal that doesn’t love a little massage or gentle brushing. Dogs get sore too, especially our older dogs. A little rub down will not only make their body feel good, it can also calm dogs that suffer from anxiety. Just a quick, ten minute session will leave them feeling comfortable and snoozing in puppy heaven! You can also softly brush their coat, relaxing yet great for the health and appearance of their coat.

Dog Massage

Ice Cream Anyone?

Many ice cream shops and restaurants are dog-friendly and offer a small treat for dogs. Dairy Queen is known for the “Pup Cup”, a small vanilla ice cream. But many other chain restaurants have options too and don’t forget to ask your local shops. Of course, please be weary of what is suitable for your dog and their digestive system as some of them don’t tolerate certain treats well.

Dog Eating Ice Cream

Doggie Pool

In the Summer we spend a LOT of time outside, but it can be hot and uncomfortable for our dogs. We didn’t want to leave our dogs alone inside the air conditioning all day, so we started using cheap kiddie pools to keep our dogs cool. You can just set up the pool where you choose and move it as needed. But there are also some really cool ideas online for actually putting them in the ground and making them look more fancy and refined. Our dogs absolutely love jumping in the kiddie pool for a “dip”.

Dog Pool

We really love doing a little extra for our pups when we can and these ideas have helped us spend more quality time with them! Pet companionship is truly so rewarding and we always hope to return the favor.

How do you show love to your furry-friends?

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