The Beautiful Ways Dogs Support Mental Health

2020 sure has been somethin’ hasn’t it? We’re not exactly sure what’s going on in your town, but if you’re anything like us…. then you’ve noticed some unwelcome changes in your mental health and in those around you. A major spike in depression, sadness, anxiety and stress. Not to mention just straight up negativity. The truth is, as a society, we just weren’t made for this kind of life. We weren’t made for the kind of life we had BEFORE the pandemic, riots and political hatred.

Let alone when we added all of THAT into the mix.

We’ve found that the best way to combat all of this is to take it one day at a time, to stay connected and to attempt to stay positive. Being connected doesn’t just mean making a call, or hopping on a zoom meeting. Our happiness and well-being requires so much more than that.

It’s touch, snuggles, silliness and PLAY. We need those and more to be decent human beings. Dogs can give us that without even noticing.

When the world was on lockdown, we still had our furry friend that wasn’t worried about safety, or staying six feet apart. Did I mention there was no need to bicker about different opinions on all the 2020 drama because only ONE of us actually had them?

Only one of us could verbalize them anyway. 🙂

Our dogs have helped us in the hard times yet again, when literally no one else could. We can say 100% that our pets improved and continue to improve our mental health in general, and help specific issues similar to what we’ve mentioned above.


For starters, they give us the ability to not take ourselves so seriously, and to let our guard down a little. There are some seriously silly, comical things that pets do and each pet has their own quirks. You can’t help but laugh when being around them.

When we do feel sad, it’s an empathy and intuition that they somehow seem to be aware of and show us. And the loyalty. The loyalty to stand by us is the best feeling of all, knowing that they will always have our back.

It’s not just some “crazy dog lady” (guilty!) imposing on you. It’s the truth. We wish more people would take advantage of that available support, and know that in a lonely world, it can make a difference. The amount of support animals can provide to your mental health when given the chance, is immeasurable.

The most incredible part of being a pet owner? That puppy love that does AMAZING things for our wellbeing, ALSO does amazing things for our four-legged friends. It’s a win-win partnership.

Why are we writing this? It’s not just a reminder or shout out for our pets. But it’s an encouragement that pets can help those that we love. Those that currently feel segregated CAN feel more at peace and happy. It can make a noticeable difference in the often lonely lives of our elders, the immune compromised and those that simply don’t have an active social life.

Who do you know that might benefit from a furry friend? Share your thoughts below.

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