6 Steps to a Gorgeous Fall Front Porch

Come late August, early September and in comes the massive flood of fall decor ideas. Pumpkins here, apples there, and haystacks everywhere. The seasonal decor is adorable and makes it 100% our favorite time of year. 

It can also be super expensive to keep up with the Pinterest highlight reel. But have no fear, you can have a totally adorable, charming fall decorated porch that will get plenty of attention from the neighbors, not to mention make your heart fill with Pumpkin Spice. (Too much?!) 

Listed below are our favorite ways to have a big impact on your porch, but also allow you to keep that cash flow in your pocket.

DIY Wreath

Here’s what I found in my hunt for wreaths over the years. They are either tacky, unattractive in appearance OR gorgeous and ridiculously expensive. This is where Hobby Lobby (or craft store of your choice) comes into play. Start by searching Pinterest or Google for inspiration if you’re not where to begin, but after that it’s pretty simple. You can find the wreath frame size of your choice at the craft store and then get creative with your add ins. Green floral wire will also be needed to tie it all together. I personally used fall colored hydrangeas, mixed in some greenery and done! Feel free to add an initial, or small sign within it if you like as well. (Hint: Sometimes wreaths are better being perfectly imperfect!)


Obviously this was expected, but pumpkins are big, bold and full of attention grabbing color. Plan on carving pumpkins? Great! Use them (and then some), as decor leading up to Halloween day since it will be there anyway. Not interested in carving pumpkins? Consider painting them instead to bring in more color, cute sayings etc. You can personalize this and alter the sizes, colors and types of pumpkins to fit your budget and your porch. Be sure to shop from locals that sell these items or visit your grocery store when they have deals. Specialty places like Cider Mills will ALWAYS charge much more. 

Something Else That Grows

What the heck does that mean?

Think of all the items you see on a front porch during fall. Mums, haystacks, greenery, pumpkins, cornstalks or twigs. You don’t need them ALL, but you do need at least a couple. You will need to decide what items will create the most well-rounded appearance. If you have a neutral colored home, consider bringing in a pop of color from the mums. Try using twigs to hang decor and banners from, or use corn stalks for a porch that can handle the height.

One BOLD DIY Piece

Think tall wooden signs with a painted welcome message for your guests. Or maybe an old ladder you can use to hang a burlap banner or some other kind of sign. You can buy wood for these projects super cheap. You can shop your local marketplace or garage sales for rustic items you can leverage for this sort of thing. Be creative!

Items You Already Have

The difference between what makes a “meh” porch, and a “WOW” porch is how you display the items you have. Whatever you are choosing to work with, put them on a variety of different height levels. For example, I have old wooden crates I used to place some items up on top, inside and next to them. You could use galvanized buckets, small benches, step stools etc. Make items multipurpose and use what ya got!


For us, the comfort and coziness of the fall season is what really draws us in and makes us truly “fall” in love with all of the festivities that accompany it. And we adore decor that reflects that. Use a chair you typically have on your front porch and add a cozy element like a neutral pillow or blanket. Even if you’re not sitting in it, you’ll instantly make guests envision themselves cozied up within your fall nook. A cup of coffee, cider or glass of wine will of course be in hand.

What we love about all of the above options, is that they can be used from Early October all the way through November. Instead of just “Halloween Decor” or “Fall Decor”, they double as both and therefore cost less in the process. Get inspired friends, get creative and cheers to the season!

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