Spring Home Refresh 2021 | Living Room Edition

One of the best things about the spring season is its ability to make us feel refreshed and renewed. It can be easy to feel down and quite frankly, a little unhappy during the winter months. Lack of Vitamin D, lack of activity and fresh air all contribute to feeling a bit…meh. But a Spring Home Refresh can turn all that around!

As we slowly… but surely… crawl out of those long winter months, there are fun ways to get in the mood for warmer weather, even before the temp changes! Inside the home is a wonderful place to start. Feel free to choose any room in your home to give a lil’ spring refresh to, but for the sake of this post we are going to focus on the commonly used living room.

Listed below are some super simple updates that will transform your living room affordably and quickly!

Spring Home Update

Swap Pillow Covers and Blankets for Spring

Accent pillow covers are such a GREAT way to refresh your living room. Take a look on Amazon for cheap covers that you can swap out and bring in a fresh color or look for your spring home update. Think pretty pastels, floral prints or any pop of color to jazz up neutral rooms. Another plus is how simple it is to clean pillow covers, great for pet owners and kid friendly homes! Find a new throw blanket or two that’s a bit more breathable and lightweight for the upcoming warmer months too. 

Update Family Photos or Frames

Another way to switch things up is to take time to print off some recent, frame-worthy photos. We are 100% guilty of slacking on this, but when we finally take the 20 minutes to do it, it makes such a difference! If you want to take it a step further, grab some new, unique frames that add character and charm to your living room like this farmhouse frame below.

Spring Home Update

DIY Spring Home Update

Pick just one thing in your living room that you are tired of looking at. It can be something big or small, it just has to be something that bugs you every time you walk in the room. We had been staring at a very dated fireplace made of old, textured tiles that came from the late 90’s or early 2000’s. It was time to do something with it! Whatever YOU come up with, take that idea and head on over to Pinterest or Google for some brainstorming. You will find a ton of ideas from other DIY fanatics that will inspire your spring home refresh. Check out our before and after fireplace makeover. (that cost us less than $50 by the way!)

Add in Spring Greenery

We love pops of nature throughout the home any time of year, but if you haven’t already, spring is a great time to incorporate some. Simple house plants, eucalyptus, lambs ear and cotton stems are a great way to do this and freshen up your farmhouse room while creating a welcoming vibe for your guests. You can find any of these at your local craft store like Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby. Some are even available on Amazon too! Add these to a mantle, around existing wall décor etc.

Spring Home Update

Pops of Color- Spring Florals

A fresh bouquet of flowers from the local farmers market is the cherry on top to a gorgeous tablescape or entryway. Tulips, peonies, calla lilies and hydrangeas scream spring home refresh and are easy to find during the spring season. Grab a simple vase, a mason jar and a little bit of twine for a shabby-chic pop of color. Another way to add in color is with a fresh coat of paint or keep it very “2021” with an accent wall.

Spring Home Cleaning

When all is said and done, give the living room a deep clean! Top to bottom, give everything an intense clean that includes dusting, washing walls, floor boards, windows etc. You’ll get ahead of allergy season and lingering dander hiding within the room. 

Taking the time to refresh your home doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be done affordably, quickly and make a big difference in the ambiance of your space for both you AND your guests. It can also create a reset mentally giving you peace as you slide into Spring.

How do you refresh your space?

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