Small Room Décor – 8 Design Dos & Don’ts for Creating Space

In a perfect world, the space we call home would be just right in size and the layout would be perfect! Rooms would have walls where we wanted them, tall ceilings when desired and an open floor plan. But for those of us who don’t live in a perfect world with our perfect house, we must adapt and overcome design challenges like small rooms and wacky room layouts.

No matter the room’s purpose, any space can benefit from our list of décor do’s and don’ts! Follow the tips below to transform your space into a welcoming room that feels as big as possible!

Do – Use Lighter Paint Colors

Using light paint colors always makes a massive difference in terms of how large a room feels. The lighter the better in our opinion. Think creamy beiges and greiges, dove whites and foggy grays. This is assuming your goal is to maximize ways of making a room feel larger, it’s not to say it can’t be done if you are going for a cozier, intimate vibe.

Small Room Decorating

Do – Let There Be Light

Piggybacking on the lighter paint color tip, always allow any available natural light sneak in that you can. Go a step further beyond just keeping the blinds up and open, use sheer window treatments rather than dark, light blocking ones. Consider using a different type of bulb in your fixtures that’s brighter, less yellow and more powerful overall. It can make SUCH a major difference when swapping out light bulbs.

Do – Use Furniture That Optimizes Small Room Space

Taking the time to find multipurpose furniture and décor is another must for small spaces. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative here. A couch that doubles as a bed, a desk that folds up onto the wall when not in use, a daybed or bed with storage. Say goodbye to large dressers or buffets that can eat up a whole lot of space, but may not offer the function you need. A C-Shaped table for instance, satisfies the need to set items without consuming unnecessary space.

Do – Utilize Closet Space When You Can

Speaking of large dressers, you can often skip them all together and simply design a better layout for your closet. Try adding multiple shelving options that actually use up your entire closet, not just what’s at eye level. You can also slide a smaller dresser right inside the closet. This is especially nice in a kids room, if you have one like mine who loves to leave things a mess when they are in search of clothes. Much of this depends on what you need to store, cater the closet layout to what works best for you!

Small Room Design

Do – Add Bold Pieces to Small Rooms

Bold statement pieces really speak for themselves, and often an entire room. This is also a great way to add in pops of color, darker colors and different sheens or finishes. The base of a lamp, a tall floor vase or unique wall décor can add style to small spaces and set the tone for a room. Just don’t add too many of them. 🙂

Don’t – Use Low Hanging Fixtures

Most rooms that tend to “feel” small typically don’t have vaulted ceilings. In this case, avoid using light fixtures that hang down too low. Any guest that is even reasonably tall may feel as though they are going to hit their head on it. It’s also the first thing people will see when they walk in and it will greatly take away from the room if not done correctly.

Don’t – OVER Decorate & Remember Less is More

We can’t stress this enough, but ESPECIALLY in small rooms. The more you pack it, the smaller it will feel. Keep in the necessities, and clean and declutter on a regular basis. Try to keep things up and off of the floor when you can by using things like floating shelves. Tuck items under a couch or bed when not in use too!

Small Room Decor

Don’t – Be Afraid of Texture

In smaller rooms when we personally tend to keep color schemes on the lighter side, it doesn’t mean we still don’t want depth and interest! Textured pillows, throw blankets, window treatments and even some area rugs can be added in for a nice dash of texture.

Don’t – Forget The Magic of Mirrors!

Mirrors are a magical part of the decorating, and not because you get to check yourself out all the time. (Hehe) They can reflect any available light in the room and essentially double what you currently have. Just make sure that the placement is well thought out for the room and any windows.

Bedroom Mirror

Don’t – Paint a Ceiling Dark

Don’t paint ceilings in a dark color. It will create the illusion that the height of the room simply stops, instead of continuing on up (much like vaulted ceilings feel) and it really isn’t helpful. Dark colors will act as a barrier and a stopping point, creating a choppy vibe. So we think lighter is best, keep your ceiling white and get creative in other fun ways instead.

Most of us have had the experience of moving something around in a room and thinking “wow, I can’t believe how much bigger the room feels.” This is the perfect example of how little tweaks can make a major difference in how room size feels overall. No matter what part of your home bugs you, there is likely always subtle changes that can make it feel more livable and more loved! ❤

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