RV Trip Preparation

I remember growing up and the anticipation of going on a family trip.  As an adult I also have that same anticipation. But on top of the anticipation I have the actual planning of the trip and that adds even more excitement.  Most of our RV trips start months before we actually hook up our rig and take off. Our goal every year is to spend about 30 nights a year in our RV and we travel within a 60 mile radius of where we live.  

There are some things that go with us on every RV Trip that also stay at our home when we are not on the road.  These are must haves and part of the preparation to leave. Let me explain:

1. Demer Box – You ask; “What is a Demer Box”. Demer Box is a blue tooth, indestructible, waterproof audio box made out of a Pelican case.  It is a MUST have for anyone of travels and/or spends anytime outdoors. I literally demonstrate my box when I show people by either throwing in down the concrete path or tossing it in the water at my campsite after they have heard the great sound it puts out.  OH….and did I mention it has a 48 battery life and USB port for charging your favorite devise while you play your favorite tunes. A must have on any RV trip….

2. Blackstone Griddle Accessories – One of my favorite things to do when I am RVing is to cook.  My Blackstone Griddle travels with me on most trips, and so do my accessories. I will do a BLOG in the future on favorite recipes and everything I use for a Blackstone at a later date.  Let’s just say I cook more than just bacon and eggs at the RV site. One of the items that remain in my “Blackstone Griddle” accessory box are two dome lids. Outside of spatulas these are the most useful items you can have to make things taste great.  I know it doesn’t sound sexy but believe me they are super useful and easy to use. A MUST have both at home and at the RV site when cooking on a Blackstone Griddle.

3. Part of our routine is to make a complete list of everything we are going to need on our RV trip.  Sometimes what we need to pack different depending on the location we are going, the weather we will be facing and if we have guests joining us.  We have found that inviting friends and/or family to join us at certain destinations is a lot of fun. Two recent trips we took where we invited friends and family was Biloxi, MS where we stayed at Boomtown Casino and RV park.  This was so much fun as you could walk to the casino. The second was Camp Gulf in Destin, FL, literally on the Gulf side of the road and we could walk to the beach. Both were full hook ups and we had a blast at both and will go back to both.  Links to both locations are below:

We hope you have as much fun planning your trips as we do.  Feel free to reach out, comment, or tell us your favorite part about planning for trips.  Follow us on our socials at:

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