Rustic-Chic Accessories for Outdoor Spaces in 2020

The weather is heating up, the virus is (thankfully) slowing down and we are more than ready to add some more joy back into our lives! We couldn’t be more excited for summer and the change that comes with a new season. It’s the perfect time to turn our decorating energy toward our outdoor spaces. 

For you, this may mean a deck, porch, sun-room, or garden. Whatever space you have to work with, you can add rustic-chic vibes to it easily and more importantly, affordably! It takes much more than basic furniture pieces to really capture the ambiance of a space. Get ready to accessorize friends!

Patio Pillows

Adorable. These pillows are perfect for creating that comfy, outdoor space. We are huge fans of texture. It’s easy to decorate in simple neutrals, but combining different textures within those tones really gives it that wow factor. Grab a two pack of these and rustic elegance will be written all over your patio.

Faucet Planter

Farmhouse perfection. Just picture your deck, and rather than boring old planter boxes, you can add the perfect amount of charm with this piece. Made with metal and sticks directly in the grass. Easy and done!

Distressed Lantern

These are so cute for setting around either on the ground, slightly elevated or even on top of the tables. They are available in both white and this turquoise blue color. Though we love neutrals to our core, the blue is a nice pop of color that’s great for outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces.

Wagon Wheel

If a wagon wheel ain’t rustic, then we don’t know what is. Such a simple piece, but can be used in oh-so many ways. We think it just speaks volumes and immediately sets the tone for what guests can expect from the rest of your rustic-decor.

Farmhouse Picture Frame

Okay this one is ours, guilty! But it’s just so cute on a table in a sun-room, or on a small balcony. Nothing ever feels quite “homey” enough to us unless we have visual memories to reflect on. And when it comes to Rustic-Chic, this frame is where it’s at.

Galvanized Star

Again, another item that sets the tone. A classic star symbolized american, county vibes. You’ve likely seen many farmhouses in your life (depending on location) that have a star like this right front and center of the home on the front porch. We love the galvanized, metal vibe of this one specifically but there are many options to choose from that will compliment your colors and theme.

Barnwood Bench

This little bench can be used as extra seating, to hold planters or whatever else you fancy. Available in turquoise, natural and this white finish. Move it around your space as needed, and use it indoors when it gets a bit cooler, would be super cute in a foyer or laundry room area.

Galvanized Wall Planter

One thing that we find beautiful and classic is greenery and floral. For that, we think these space saving wall planters are a great choice. Add real or faux greenery to them and it really refreshes a space, and adds a bit of femininity to it. Hang them on a privacy fence, railing or something of that nature.

Amish Wagon Planter

We just cannot handle the cuteness of this planter. You don’t even need a big yard or a bunch of property to utilize it. It can sit right in front of your porch, on top of it or outside anywhere in the yard. Don’t have a green thumb? Use it for other miscellaneous decor like pumpkin or hay in the fall that can be switched up as the seasons change.

Farmstead Barn Door Clock

Okay, this piece isn’t noted as necessarily “outdoor”, but if you have a sunroom or another partially enclosed space, then check this out. We had to include it in our list because it couldn’t be more fitting and has a serious impact on anyone’s rustic decor.

Table Centerpiece/Carrier

Grab this bin and use it as a centerpiece on your table. You can certainly jazz it up any way you choose. But for dining purposes, we totally picture it holding necessities such as salt, pepper, napkins and other condiments. Bonus trait is the handles, so you can load it up in the kitchen and easily carry it to wherever dinner is being served that evening.

String Lights

Never heard of twinkle lights that didn’t completely dazzle guests, have you? Lighting has a way of adding a completely different romantic tone to any evening beneath the stars. Any style outdoor lights will be beautiful, but we adore these globe style ones for their warmth, and they’re available in black, green, white and multi-color options.

Farmhouse Rug

A rug ties a space together. It’s also wonderful for taking larger spaces and creating unique visiting spaces within them, creating a cozier vibe. This rug, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, is great. Its rugged appeal, and neutral colors make it a perfect fit for most color schemes. Available in several different sizes too!

Metal Side Tray

It’s totally unnecessary to fill an outdoor space with big bulky furniture like we may do indoors. To get the most bang for your buck, find pieces that are affordable but can be used in many different ways. This metal side table/tray is perfect to set drinks on, add a plant to, or any other small piece of decor. Not specifically made for outdoor use, so protect it from the elements.

Farmhouse Throw Blanket

A blanket makes things feel welcoming, even if it isn’t used. It tells your guests to sit down and get comfy. Just like outdoor cushions, bring it out when the weather is good and the temperature drops at the end of a summer day. Available in 5 different colors!

Citronella Candle

Last but not least, bugs can be a total mood and party killer. Keep them at bay with a few of these citronella candles, that look both pretty and rustic. This 2 pack is affordable, naturally made and will last up to 100 hours.

When choosing the building blocks of your space, look for rustic and worn pieces. You can always make them yourself on the cheap using items you have on hand too! All that’s left to do is grab some of our fabulous finds from above and you are ready to entertain! (Or just drink a glass of wine in your happy space!)


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