6 Special Pet Memorial Ideas


Losing a loved pet is never easy. My pet was my baby on four legs. Every day spent together was an unforgettable adventure. When she died, I found ways to keep her, not just in my heart but in sight. And now, I would like to share ways to keep your faithful furry animal companion’s memory forever.

1. Dog Picture Frame Unique Collage

A unique picture frame that’s a good fit for your dog’s memorial. This wooden dog picture frame is in the cute shape of a dog bone.  It can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf with an easel back. Do this to remind yourself of the wonderful and priceless memories that you shared with your departed furry friend. I love the durable wood that the frame is made from and the dog paws engraved on it. Easily fix a picture of when your dog was still a pup and another of when your lovely dog became an adult. The frame can fit a standard size 4×6 photograph.  Makes a great gift for any dog owner. Get this from here.

2. Pet Collar & Picture Frame

Hanging the pictures of my pet on the walls at home is a great comfort, especially coming home after a long day with no more welcoming barks from her. Thankfully, I get to remember her with this pet memorial frame. The frame houses the dog’s tagged collar together with its lovely picture. Portraying happy moments frozen in time is bittersweet to my heart. The picture is a reminder of the unadulterated love we shared and the collar is just a great piece that ensures that your dog’s memory lives on. Knowing how excited your furry friend was when that picture was taken makes all the memories worth it. Get this pet memorial frame and place it in a spot where a day will never pass without seeing it.

3. Pet Memorial Key Chain

It may be painful remembering all the fun we had together, the places we visited and the adventures we had. Because I do not want to lose that amazing connection, I keep a keychain with a dog paw tag and a memorial message that I can hang my keys on to always remind me of my departed pet. This is made of stainless steel and it doesn’t rust. Your favorite dog may not be with you anymore but with this key chain, you’ll have him forever closer to your heart anytime you use your car keys. 

4. Pet Urn

Most pet owners can’t accept the fact that their departed pets have left the world and crossed over the rainbow bridge. This is typically a very sad and depressing time as a pet owner.  When my dog passed I bought this beautiful urn to put her remains in. And I absolutely love the heart-warming inscription, “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever”. This is so true and resonates in my soul. Your best friend may not be by your side anymore but you can keep its ashes in this pet urn and forever have its memory lingering within your home.

5. Pet Memorial Stone

I love this pet memorial so much. Some pet owners want to bury their pets in the backyard.  Just like an adult, a pet should have a gravestone as well. This way your pet can rest with remembrance and have this beautiful memorial stone on its grave. Just as seen in the picture, you can customize this pet memorial stone by engraving their name on it. Whenever you go to visit your pet in the yard and you see this memorial stone with an emotional and peaceful message, you’d be glad that you made such a special pet headstone with love.

6. Metal Casted Pawprint Ornament

It’s never easy to lose your best friend. For most pet owners, their dogs or cats are their best friends that can never be replaced in this world. So losing such a dear pet could put your whole world into dismay for quite a while. This is exactly what happened to me when I lost my girl, Carly. But thanks to this very special pawprint ornament that a friend gave me, I get to feel like Carly is with me everywhere I go. I hang this beautiful ornament off my rear view mirror in my car.  Then at Christmas time I take it out of my car and hang it on our Christmas tree. Get this metal-cast pawprint ornament and cherish the memories of your beloved pet.

When our pets take their last breath, we lose the most loyal companions in our lives.  Pets love us unconditionally and they take a piece of our hearts with them when they leave us. We are never prepared for their loss but we can prepare for their memory to live on through the wonderful and peaceful memorials shared above.

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