Our Favorite Places to Shop Home Décor at an Affordable Price!

When you love home decorating as much as we do, you know it’s important to snag good deals on what you find! Especially because not only is decorating with beautiful home décor a passion of ours, changing things up on a regular basis is admittedly done… probably more often than necessary. 🙂

Department stores and big name brands can really charge an arm and a leg for home décor, depending on what it is you’re looking for. I mean we love Pottery Barn just as much as the next person, but DANG! Shopping there is an investment (in our case anyway!). We like to save those stores for big items that last, something worth spending more money on like furniture. But when it comes to home décor accessories, we tend to take our shopping elsewhere.

Check out this list of places to shop home décor that have consistently saved us money over the years while allowing us to decorate freely!

Home Goods

Home Goods is easily one of our favorite places to find amazing deals on home decor. From small furniture to wall decor, area rugs and throw pillows. There is a never-ending list of unique items that you can find in store, and as of recently, shop online as well! Perhaps the best part of Home Goods is that their inventory is always changing. We love showing up, and not knowing exactly what we’ll find!

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is another decorating go-to for us. Keep in mind, this store has much more than just ready made home décor, you can also find everything you need for a DIY home project too. Paint, unfinished wood and furniture, custom framing and more. They offer some awesome sales and rotate them weekly. So if whatever you’re shopping for isn’t on sale, wait till next week and come back. A little patience will no doubt pay off in the finance department.

Facebook Marketplace

A recent addiction, Facebook Marketplace. The saying “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”, couldn’t be more true here. And by trash, I often mean brand new or gently used items that still have a ton of life left. Someone once sold me a media center that was BRAND NEW for more than half off the original price. They were sent a replacement for a super small imperfection and had the other one just lying around. If you’re willing to seek, you will find.

Facebook Marketplace


We like Kirklands for knick knacks. Regular home decor accessories or cute holiday pieces are affordable, well-made and on trend at Kirklands. As the seasons change, Kirklands will offer major discounts on items they need to get rid of. Be sure to look online and not just in store, the online inventory is massive and has items in just about any home category you can think of.


Oh Amazon, it’s a blessing and a curse ain’t it? Many Amazon sellers include smaller companies (like us!), as well as the larger big name brands. It’s so huge that if you aren’t selling your home goods on Amazon, you really miss out on a huge market. The market that is obsessed with convenience, prime shipping and free returns in many cases. Amazon also has an “outlet” option with discounted home décor from sofas to window treatments.

At Home

The “Home Decor Superstore” is another place you can find major home decor steals. What I will say about our experience with At Home stores, it can be overwhelming. It’s essentially a massive warehouse of home items, for both interior and exterior decorating as well as storage options. It’s lovely to have so many options, but I think you really need to be in the right frame of mind and know exactly what you’re getting into as you wander through the store. 


We will always have a special place in our heart for Etsy shops. For one, we love to support the sellers on Etsy. But it really comes down to finding unique home décor. Custom home décor that really is one of a kind and doesn’t look like what everyone else is rockin’. Every purchase we have made from Etsy for our home has been affordable, beautifully created and always a conversation piece among our guests.


Walmart is another great choice for home decor pieces. You have to be weary of quality at Walmart, but in most cases you can find items that are just as nice as other stores, but at a much lower price point. Shop online at Walmart and it also acts as a connection to a variety of other stores, like Wayfair!

Online Shopping


Speaking of Wayfair, it’s no doubt a giant seller of home décor. There is literally nothing you can’t find for your home. In comparison to other websites, we love how organized and easy to navigate Wayfair is. The search system is SO convenient and offers so many ways of filtering a search. Filter by just about anything and easily streamline your shopping experience.


We are obsessed with Overstock for home goods. Every time we have ordered from Overstock, we find that the item is super high quality. You can tell that they choose brands with care and don’t just incorporate junk items.  They also ship super fast, show a whole lot of user reviews and real pictures, and send out daily coupons. Become a “member” and you get rewarded money to spend on future purchases too! 


Who doesn’t love Target?! Target is another home decor leader that we have to mention for quality and style. They definitely have a wide variety of items, and even their somewhat “lower” end brands seem to hold up nicely over time and cost a reasonable amount. Become a Target Circle member, and cash in on even more. Keeping an eye out for daily deals and coupons is the perfect way to save some money.


When Ikea first hit the home scene, we honestly weren’t overly thrilled with items for college students or bachelor pads. Overtime, they seem to have built things up a bit and do have some really great items if you take the time to look. Some of their furniture makes for an awesome dupe of pottery barn pieces! Those beautiful, slip covered couches you always see that make you want to curl up with a good book? Ikea offers a line super similar and a fraction of the cost. We’ve investigated the couches further and they have a good reputation for handling the test of time. Jackpot!

Home Depot

Hardware and man stuff (lol) is what Home Depot has been known for in the past. But that is so not the case anymore. ESPECIALLY if you shop online. Within the store you will still find the main isles to be parts, appliances, flooring, tools etc. But looking around the perimeter, you’ll see light fixtures, area rugs, patio furniture and more. Hop online, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can find in those home decorating categories.

World Market

World Market is awesome for unique items. They pride themselves on having “multicultural” home decor, and you can really feel that when searching through their inventory. Indoor and outdoor decor, lighting and rugs, gift-giving and holiday categories can all be found. Shop World Market if you’re looking for earthy decor items that feature both natural and colorful elements that are affordable and unique in design.

There ya have it friends! Our favorite pocket-friendly places to find home decorating essentials that have yet to fail us OR our design ideas. Quick note, if we ever have the opportunity shop locally owned shops and boutiques, we love doing that as well! Be sure to check out your local downtown areas to see what you might stumble upon!

Where do YOU seem to find the best deals?

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