Our Favorite Kitchen Color Schemes for 2021

If you’re like us and love to entertain, then you know that the number one place guests congregate is in the Kitchen. It doesn’t matter how big your home is either. We always laugh when cleaning and prepping the rest of our home prior to a gathering, because no one hangs there anyway! Our guests would rather stand if there is no seating than move away from the kitchen to find a comfy spot. Point being? Kitchen color, design and décor needs to be on point and modern.

Not sure if your kitchen is top notch? Check out our favorite kitchen color schemes below for inspiration. Steal a small part of the trend or dive into an entire kitchen renovation. 

Dark Teal 

The dark teal kitchen color scheme trend is so gorgeous and really has a wow factor. We really like the options in terms of how you can apply the trend. We personally prefer dark colors such as teal in combination with lighter ones for a look that isn’t overwhelmingly dark. I’m sure the darker colors would be gorgeous in a room that had enough natural light. Kitchen cabinets, an accent wall or a fun backsplash are great ideas. If that’s too much, then a lighter teal accent wall combined with other counter/shelf accents in a dark teal would be gorgeous too.

Teal Kitchen

Neutral Color Scheme

A neutral color scheme never really goes out of style. It may bend and change slightly, but you can never have a neutral kitchen and have it look “dated”. Though gray has been a front runner in the neutral tone for several years, going back to a little warmth is nice and current too. Taupe colors, creamy whites, greige and popular gray are all beautiful options. We will always have an appreciation for the light and airy vibe of lighter, neutral color schemes.

Neutral Kitchen Color Scheme

Green with Envy

Green is EVERYWHERE. Clothing options, home décor, wedding color schemes… you’ll find green in many different shades. Green is extremely diverse and whatever look you go with, the mood can change. Pretty shades of sage green are super mellow, and can be considered neutral. Dark emerald green is edgier and really stands out from other kitchens. We love a hunter green that’s not too light or too dark. Add in some rustic light fixtures, wood-toned wall décor and it instantly becomes natural and organic.

Green Kitchen

Black, White & Everything Nice 

This trend is somehow neutral, yet it creates such a bold impact that it’s anything but boring. Matte black, stark white and warm cognac or wood tones is definitely one of our favorites. This color scheme easily adapts to modern, traditional or rustic farmhouse decor. Flexibility is just one of the things that makes it so popular. A more modern black lighting fixture, wicker seating or bold black cabinets are just a few ways to do it. If you have hardwood flooring, black looks gorgeous with that as well.

Black and White Kitchen

Navy & Gold or Copper Kitchen Color

Navy is another color that has blown up, especially as of late. It’s another dark, bold color that can fall into current neutral color schemes for a modern, yet still traditional look. Go all out with full coverage navy and then tie in copper or gold with cabinet knobs or pulls. Hang come copper pots above the kitchen island or place other kitchen accessories on your counter. It add just a little shine without being over the top.

Blue Kitchen

One of the best things about decorating a home is the never ending trends that continue to change, evolve and recirculate. Not into trends? Always do what works for you and your space. Most importantly, make it a place you love and that feels like home to you. 

What’s your favorite kitchen color scheme?

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