Beautiful Ways to Keep Pet Memories Alive

I remember it like it was yesterday. Our dog Carly had taken a heart- wrenching turn for the worse. She had been nursing a torn MCL and we thought (and hoped!) that she was getting better. In all actuality, she was putting way too much pressure on her other knee and hiding the pain. This in turn caused her to blow out her other MCL, and when it happened we all knew she was in trouble, and she did as well. Carly became immobile quite rapidly. She lost her appetite, couldn’t go to the bathroom and refused anything we tried to offer her. The look in her eyes spoke for itself, she knew she was in trouble and there was nothing that could be done, a heartbreaking truth we were all forced to face. We did take her to the vet and attempt to find her relief, hoping she could gain enough strength to have some quality of life, but it just wasn’t possible for our sweet girl.

After much conversation with family and Veterinarians, we decided that it was time for Carly to go home…HOME…to Doggy Heaven. This Heaven is where Carly is happily running, chasing squires (probably still not able to catch them) and being loved on constantly. To say she was a GREAT dog is an understatement. When we were sick, happy, or sad, she knew it and would not leave our side. She followed my wife adoringly EVERYWHERE throughout the house. It was because of this love and the lingering hole in our hearts, that we began to think of ways that she could remain alive spiritually forever. We have showed and continue to show her love always.

  • We stayed with her the entire time as she slipped off into her new home. Although the emotional pain was excruciating, I have never once regretted this precious moment that we had together assuring Carly that she was loved until she took her last breath and beyond.
  • We decided to have her cremated and have her ashes with us today.
  • We also have her paw print in Clay.
  • We named our business FoxCarr after her and her sister Foxy, you can see our story and a picture of them together here.

Within our home, we honor her memory in two unique photo frames to keep her near and dear to our hearts.

Although it was difficult to write this and reflect on how much she is still missed today, I felt an immense amount of joy remembering the good times we shared as well. I do believe we will see Carly again one day. I know she will sit alongside us, and the rest of our pets in our mansion up in heaven. Keeping her memory alive in our hearts is something we are passionate about and will continuously work toward doing. Thank you for reading and remembering Carly with us. We’d love to hear stories about your fury friends that are with you now and have been in the past, don’t hesitate to share below!

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