How to Update Your Boring Fall Porch Décor in 2021!

As passionate home decorators, we’re pretty confident in our ability to decorate a front porch. Especially having done it so many times, with the change of each season. For some reason, fall seems to be the season where more people seem to jump on the decorating train and jazz up their own front porches as well.

That being said, fall front porches can get… slightly repetitive in some cases. Not that we don’t always appreciate the warm, colorful and inviting vibe they put out. But lately we’ve found ourselves needing a little something extra. Pumpkins, mums, and cornstalks are common decorative outdoor accents we have all come to know and love. But if you want to spice things up a bit, check out these easy ideas that will make your porch décor stand out from the crowd and get you excited to decorate again!

Add Glam!

Adding a pop of shine really adds a new twist to front porch décor. Tie in metallic pumpkins that compliment colors that work for your home specifically. Add some twinkle lights strung across the porch or among décor on the lower level. Even a gold or wine colored glittery letter or branches added into a fall wreath will create something special.

Add More Color for 2021

We are so in love with some of the fall decorating color trends we have been seeing. Mixing in rich blues with deep oranges or copper tones are a fabulous combination. Creamy milk and dark chocolate browns with feminine mauves or blush is also romantic and still neutral. Fall does not need to be limited to orange, yellow and red. Now’s the time to explore and have fun with color of all kinds.

Pump up the Floral

We love traditional fall mums and always implement them in one way or another! But remember that there are other florals you could play with too, real or fake. Sunflower décor is a sweet touch, blending summer seamlessly into fall. And there are some flowers such as Pansies or Impatiens that tend to bloom and flourish in the cool, fall temperatures.

Refinish Furniture

Refinishing furniture is easier than you may think. Seasoned front porch chairs and tables are a perfect, small project to dabble in refinishing if it’s your first time. If you implemented just this one porch update, it would likely make a MAJOR difference in your vibe and the sky’s the limit with whatever color you’d like!

Add Matte Black

If you prefer to stick with neutrals, but would still love a POP, then matte black accents are for you. This trend is all over the place, certainly not limited to fall or a front porch. But the way it instantly pops against wood tones and other neutrals is stunning, polished and chic. It will also transition beautifully from early fall in September, to October Halloween and then Thanksgiving.

Layering Doormats

We adore the layering Doormats trend and anyone can make it happen. Specifically, we love something with a fun saying that shows off the personality and vibe of your home and those who live there. Think of silly greetings like “Welcomish” or a funny Halloween “Witch Please” and then add a larger doormat underneath it in a fun color or print. Cute!

Textures in Similar Tones

Mixing different textures adds contrast and visual appeal. A textured blanket thrown over a chair, or a super soft plush outdoor pillow. Rustic burlaps, gauzy décor, or silky ribbons can be wrapped around your plant stands and vases or intertwined in a variety of creative ways. It adds some depth without clutter when you stick to a nicely organized color scheme.

Less is Always More

Don’t feel the need to add each thing above to your porch. In fact, you’re probably better off not doing that at all. It’s easy to get excited with the “new” and overcomplicate things. Doing so creates clutter that will confuse your guests and take away from your favorite décor. Less is almost always more. Keep that in mind and you’ll have a classy, new and improved front porch that you’ll love to show off to friends and family.

Happy Fall 2021!

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