Here’s Why Farmhouse Decor Will Never Go Out of Style

You see it all over Pinterest, Instagram feeds and Interior Magazines. That Rustic-Chic Farmhouse style is splattered across the homes of MANY, regardless of if they live in a country setting or not. After all, that IS everything it stands for. A little bit country, a little bit farmhouse with a “modern” twist. 

And it’s gorgeous in our opinion. It often includes beautiful neutral tones and a variety of textures. (Thank you Joanna Gaines) Now if you have a home that architecturally screams modern, then obviously farmhouse style decor is not a good fit. But we have a feeling that if you chose that style home, you won’t be interested in this post anyway. 🙂 So is Farmhouse Decor just a trend? Will it fade away soon and you’ll need to do a full update to your home? Relax y’all, you’re in the clear. 

Easy Updates

As mentioned above, the last few years have EXPLODED the neutral rustic color scheme. Think burlap beige, creamy blankets and subtle greenery. But in the past, the traditional farmhouse style was often reds, deep natural wood, plaid and farm animals. Nowadays we see a more feminine, calming tone with white-wash and greige being all the rage. 2020 has shown us how gorgeous, industrial add ins are with classic decor. Bold, beautiful colors have also been thrown into the mix. And that right there, is why we love being a part of the evolution of farmhouse decor. With minor adjustments each year, you can still stay in style. 

Warm and Cozy Vibes

Shabby-Chic Farmhouse Decor isn’t going anywhere because it just feels like….”home”. There is something so welcoming, and traditional (in a good way) that ensures it will always be around. It’s delicate, yet strong and rustic, yet feminine all at once. It has a way of making us, as well as our guests feel comfortable and at ease. (P.S. If you missed our blog on creating a welcoming home, click here to catch up!) 


Farmhouse style is perfect for the average homeowner. Most of us are not millionaires with an unlimited budget. You can find absolutely beautiful accent pieces that compliment your farmhouse decor at a very reasonable price. Home Goods, Walmart and Hobby Lobby are just a few stores where you can find a ton of affordable decor. Additionally, you can channel your inner Martha Stewart and look for DIY projects. 

Remember, although classic, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will never have to do another thing with your home, we all know that isn’t realistic. But this decor style has been rockin’ pretty steady for years, and we love that it only continues to get better. 

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  1. Alex Sutton

    June 7, 2021 at 7:44 pm

    This is awesome! I love how said that rustic and farmhouse home decor are items that will never go out of style and you can always find a place to put it! Thanks for sharing!

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