Front Porch Transformation | Summer Style

Our beloved front porch is a part of our home that we can update over and over again and it literally never gets old. I suppose it’s helpful that Pinterest and other social sites make it easy to be inspired and want to renew everything 24-7. They also give us TONS of DIY tips that make it affordable, thus easily achievable in a fairly short amount of time. 

You may have seen our other blog post on the beloved fall front porch display and this one will be equally as fun. (if not more!) What makes this project so great is that you can start updating as early as March or April, and make it last all the way through September. Because let’s face it, our pumpkin themed porches only last about a month or so and then it’s on to the November and December Holidays. 

The spring and summer front porch can be much more “lived in” depending on the temperature where you’re at. Fall and winter are pretty of course, but they aren’t necessarily the warmest of months and spending time outdoors can be much less likely. Check out these ideas to help you create a gorgeous porch that will set the tone for summer and add curb appeal in a snap!

Porch Seating 

The first thing to focus on is seating since it will greatly determine the general flow of your porch. Take a look at the size of your porch and envision how you like to spend your time in the warmer months. Are you enjoying a cup of coffee in the early morning? Are you reading an afternoon book? Or are you using this space to visit with others and entertain in the evening? There’s no right or wrong here, but putting thought into this will help you choose how much seating you need, how comfortable they are and more. Consider a porch swing for a wrap around porch or wicker rocking chairs with cushions. Either option is farmhouse porch perfection, but there are many other options if that’s not your thing. Don’t forget cozy elements like outdoor accent pillows and throw blankets that add in a little extra something. 

Front Porch Chair

Small Table or Tables

If your front porch is large enough to use as an entertaining space, then you’ll need a table or two to set down items such as snacks, tea or coffee. No need to choose pricey tables like you might for an interior one, you can use something you already have too! Just a little something to allow both you and your guests to set down a drink and relax when needed.

Front Porch Rustic Wood Welcome Sign

There are so many tutorials and options for a DIY rustic wood sign. You can keep it simple with one word such as “welcome” or add your own spin and personality to your version of Welcome, maybe Howdy? 🙂 Another option is making a double sided one, maybe Spring on one side and Summer on the other so you can flip! A bonus of this and any DIY project is the option to customize it affordably. You are welcome to purchase these if this project isn’t really your thing. Choose one that compliments the exterior color of your home, or the type of florals near the porch.


Lighting is so important in our opinion and you can take implement in many different ways, with the goal always being ambiance. If you use your porch only in the morning, this won’t apply quite as much but it still needs to be noted. You may already own lanterns, but you can find them relatively cheap at many different stores from WalMart to Hobby Lobby. Consider grabbing 2 or 3 different lanterns or cages for candles that add interest at varying heights. Industrial or any string lights are another way to add some twinkle and set you up for a glass of wine on a warm summer night. Just be sure you choose outdoor friendly options if your porch is susceptible to harsh weather. 

Porch String Lights

Porch Welcome Mat or Rug

If your front porch is more of a two seater, then be sure to add a cute and cheery welcome mat in front of the door. Check out Etsy for some unique and hilarious welcome mats for purchase. There are many available, but a DIY Welcome Mat is a super fun project as well if your own a Cricut! If you have a large enough porch to host guests, then be sure to complete the seating area with an outdoor rug like this one

Front Porch Flowers

You can’t have a beautiful front porch in the spring or summer without some colorful flowers. Take this as far as you wish. If you enjoy gardening and the upkeep it requires, then consider planting them in flower beds. Look into perennials such as the Black-Eyed Susan or Daylilies that come back every year if you don’t like to purchase new flowers every year. Or find beautiful hanging baskets from your local greenhouse that add a burst of color with little effort aside from watering.

Unique Summer Porch Displays

Adding onto the last suggestion, get creative and look for unique ways to display those plants and flowers. We love using crates, vintage looking watering cans, and old ladders to display them. Just make sure you don’t over clutter here because less is usually more. 

Watering Can Flowers

Something Vintage

A conversation piece that wasn’t necessarily made for a garden or porch is another fun way to decorate. Vintage bicycles, chairs and stools that you display as is or paint to your match your home are a fun weekend project. They are often easy to find through your local marketplace, flea market, antique store or garage sales. 

Front Door Summer Wreath

Can you ever go wrong with a wreath? Seriously! Yes, it’s very obvious and common, but a DIY Wreath is just so fun to make and really lets creativity run wild. Keep things raw and rustic, or bright and pretty. Customize it with letters for your initials or numbers for your address. You can also add decorative words to it such as welcome or hello. Take this idea a step further and think beyond a basic wreath. A small bucket or basket of flowers, large sunflowers that are tied with twine, or this hat wreath that we think is so adorable. 

Front Door Wreath

Easel Chalk Board

If you skip the vertical wood sign, consider another rustic look using an easel chalkboard. This is a super fun way to display a welcome message to your guests, share a mindful quote, or just something that’s silly and fun. Use chalk colors that are neutral and understated, or fun and colorful for summer! Have kiddos? Let them put their own adorable spin on it, Grandma and Grandpa will love it!

Front Porch Flag

A flag pole with a bracket is a traditional way to display a flag and you really can’t go wrong with it. Keep it classic with an American Flag or find one that flows with the rest of your décor instead. If you have a porch with a railing, you can also hang a flag from that as well. You can scale this idea down and find a smaller, in ground flag post to place within your landscaping. We personally love this one.

Remember, unorganized clutter is a big no-no when decorating any part of the home and can create visual chaos. Incorporating EVERY part of this list can swallow up your space and overwhelm your guests. We recommend choosing your favorite ideas and starting with just a few. If needed, you can always add on later. Have fun letting your creativity run wild and enjoy the warm sunshine while you do it!  

Happy Summer!

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