Fantastic Picture Frames for Dog Lovers in 2020/21

Most of us have a beautiful display of our family members throughout the home. And by family members, we mean those that fall in the “human” category. But many of us forget to do the same with our lovable dogs!

We personally LOVE to show off pictures of our pups to guests while remembering our favorite, silly memories. Side note- Did you know that there are specific “pet photographers” that can perform photo shoots on your four legged-friends?

We have YET to do that one, but we DO like to find super fun frames to decorate with. Here, we have listed our FAVORITE pieces that do just that! 

You Had Me At Woof!

We love this frame because of the text alone and its quirkiness. It’s unique, and suitable for a wide variety of home décor styles. It’s especially flattering within a rustic farmhouse style home due to its wood grain structure. Fits one, totally adorable 4 x 6 picture.

Dog House Frame

What we love most about this frame is the multi-purpose aspect of it. It’s adorable first and foremost, but we love that it comes with TWO different dog tags. One that says “Forever Friend” for more of a memorial vibe when the pet has gone to heaven, and one that says “Best Friend” to be used right now. (or whenever!) Take it up a notch and use your own dog tag that represents your best friend for a special, sentimental memory.

Dog Bone Frame

Two side by side images can be put within this high quality, sturdy dog bone frame. An excellent choice if you have more than one pet OR if you want to show off a couple images of your one and only. It’s neutral in color scheme allowing it to fit perfectly within your already decorated space.

No Longer By My Side, Forever In My Heart

Doesn’t this make you tear up just reading it? Ugh! Every pet parent surely knows the heartache of pet loss. We think this frame is truly a special way to keep pet memories alive and a very heartfelt gift idea for someone near you that’s suffered a loss. 

I’m not Spoiled, My Human is Well-Trained

We all spoil our pets a bit right? Certain dogs and their personalities make it more apparent than others that they’ve been well taken care of. 🙂 We think this frame is hilarious either for yourself or for that owner who maybe takes things just a bit too far. (no judgement from us!)

Pawtners in Crime

This frame is advertised with this adorable baby and pup combo, which we LOVE! That being said, the options are endless in terms of other “pawtners” that could be displayed within it. You could put the entire family inside it if you choose.

Pet Memorial Frame

We wanted to add another “memorial option” in this white/grey wash. Mainly because this color scheme is fabulous for shabby-chic decor styled homes. There’s just something very charming about the combination of pets and farmhouse decor. Maybe because pets/animals are so heavily a part of a farmhouse typically? haha!

Photo Clip Display

Rather than a frame, this photo clip sits on top of a wood piece in true rustic fashion. We love its muted turquoise color scheme as well. “Forever in my heart” is a timeless pet message that can be applied to both the brand new AND veteran pet owner. 

The above options are rustic pet-perfection. Have some spare time? Get creative and see what kind of DIY pet photo displays you can come up with. We’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

We always strive to keep our pet memories alive, because being a dog owner has simply been one of the best blessings we can ask for. 

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