Everything You Need to Know to Create the Perfect Bedroom that Supports a Healthy, Happy Mind!

Hey There Friends! By now, most of us have come to know (and accept) that we we do feel our best when we get a good night’s rest. We think that setting the bedroom up to be a happy, “zenful” space is really where it all begins.

In 2019, we wrote the blog “Bedroom Ideas for a Good Night’s Sleep.” We thought it was time to kick that up a notch, and talk about the all mighty bedroom space and just how truly important bedroom design is! 

Find our must-have design and lifestyle tips below that will make you fall in love with your bedroom and help you drift off into dreamland each night with ease.

Bedroom Design

Evaluate Your Area

First things first, take a look around. Is there anything that currently bothers you about your bedroom? Feel cluttered? Boring? Dark? Whatever you come up with, make sure you put it at the top of your list of bedroom to-do’s so that you can immediately solve the issue. Check out the layout. Are you working with a small space or a larger one? All of these things should be thought about before making any moves, and will make a huge difference in what will work specifically for your bedroom.

Color Palette

If you like to paint, then you know the value and impact that a fresh coat of paint or new color scheme can have on your home. The bedroom is where we spend much of our time, so design a space that’s exactly what you want. Different colors tend to give off different vibes, which is why neutral, calming colors are often chosen for the bedroom. Consider cream colors, pale blues, taupes and sage greens for 2022. Soft, pastel paint colors are extremely popular this year too!

Bedroom Layout

Minimalist Décor

Minimalist Décor has been popular in recent years throughout the whole home. Even if that isn’t necessarily your style everywhere else, we still recommend applying it in the bedroom. Clutter and over-accessorizing isn’t helpful in a bedroom. This is where less is more, and distractions aren’t helpful when laying your head down at night. Keep unnecessary clutter off of desks, bedside tables etc.

Simple Wall Décor

We also like to keep wall décor to a minimum in the bedroom too. For instance, avoid putting up collage walls or massive photo walls that overwhelm the room. Something like this is simple, clean and pretty. It adds just enough to the room without going crazy.

Black-Out Curtains or Window Treatments

We always aim for any type of window treatment that is capable of blocking out the light at night. During the day, of course we allow as much natural light to flow through as we can. But we notice a major difference in how we sleep when we don’t block out that light, and on a regular basis this can be helpful for a solid night’s rest that is uninterrupted and easy to be consistent with.

Bedroom Light

Blocking out light at night is important, but there are many more elements of lighting that impact the bedroom. If you have a lot of windows, make sure you accent them accordingly to fit your needs with help from window treatments that can help with lighting and temperature regulation too. If it seems dark in the room overall, consider adding some lamps to your bedside table. Not only is a beautiful lamp nice visually, it’s also a great way of winding down at night with low light options when needed.

Bedroom Light


Bedding is crucial. Take time here to really find something you love. Some of the things we personally shop for are super soft, breathable cotton sheets. They seem to get softer with each wash, and keep us cool at night. We also always look for washable comforters, or duvet covers because we have pets! So something we can easily throw in the wash is necessary to keep clean and free of allergens. If you happen to be a restless sleeper, or have someone in the home who is, we highly recommend trying out a weighted blanket.  This has been a game changer for our son as well as my husband!



Choosing pillows can be a tall task, especially if you suffer from aches and pains. The thing we have found is that trying out different kinds of pillows is a must. No two people will likely be the same in terms of pillow needs. Consider memory foam, down or down-alternative, Latex or Cotton filled to name just a few. Each style in combination with different levels of firmness, cooling abilities, personal sleep positions and longevity is a lot to sort out. However, it’s really important to take the time to do it. You may not even realize the effects of the wrong pillow until you find the right one!

Pillow Cases

Ever slept on a satin pillowcase? You should! We love how luxurious they feel, while keeping us cool at night especially in the summer months. You can find them at a ton of price points and did we mention they are fabulous for your hair and skin? It’s a Win Win!

Coziness Wins

We will always be a fan of the cozy texture in the bedroom. It’s a great way to add in simple decorative layers to the room while keeping design neutral and intriguing to the eye. A throw blanket on the corner of the bed, or some soft faux-fur accent pillows on a well-made bed add the perfect, clutter free touch.

Beautiful Bedroom

Bedroom Ambiance

Bedroom & Closet Organization 

Now that you’ve got your bedroom design sorted out, it’s time to focus on the lifestyle aspect. Check out your closets, look under your bed and inside your drawers. If it looks chaotic, it will feel chaotic. So make it a point to declutter and organize regularly, it really does make days go easier when home organization is on point.

Closet Organization

Keep it Clean

Hidden allergens, dust and germs can linger in our bedroom no doubt! Giving it a proper cleaning that includes dusting, vacuuming, and washing bedding regularly means you can rest better and breathe better at night. Air quality filters like this one are recently very popular, and for good reason. They have shown to greatly improve air quality and are a necessity if you’re someone that suffers from allergies or has pets in the house.


You don’t need to be an avid essential oil enthusiast to incorporate and infuse your room with moisture and fabulous aromas. Scents can have such a major impact on our moods. So if it’s through a wall plug in, a candle or an infuser, go sample some scents to see what you love. For rest and relaxation, lavender is always a popular choice. We also like eucalyptus, lemon or citrus scents too! Just as we all have different preferences in perfumes, the aroma in your room should be one that relaxes you and leaves you happy!


Sound Machine

This is one that we simply cannot live without! We began using sound machines for our babies to help them sleep peacefully at night. Now, it’s a must for everyone in our home! There are a ton of machines available featuring the sound of white noise, rain storms, ocean waves and much more. You can also ask your smart home devices to play sleep sounds for you throughout the night! Try “Hey Alexa! Please Play Ocean Waves.”

Practice “Nothingness”

Take just 5 to 10 minutes to meditate or do nothing at all prior to bed. Meditation is said to be a learned habit. Don’t put pressure on yourself, and it doesn’t matter if you are “doing it right”. You may be able to completely free your mind, and you might not be able to. The point is to do nothing. Put the phone down, turn the TV off, dim the lights and hear absolutely nothing. Or listen to sounds of nature on a sound machine or a free guided meditation if you’d like! 


In Conclusion

We left this little mention for last because, well… it’s hard! Keep the TV out of your bedroom, or at least avoid watching it before bed. For years we would lounge before bed watching a show and often fall asleep with the TV on. Doesn’t sound too bad right? BUT there is truth behind the fact that we all sleep better without TV time.

Your mind and body will thank you for making your bedroom a space for sleep and rejuvenation, as opposed to entertainment and play. Designate a different area of the house for those types of activities and you’ll be amazed by how your sleep patterns change and your well-being improves. 😊

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