Easy Ways to Refresh Interior Decor for Spring!

Spring has always been near and dear to our hearts, and highly underrated in our opinion. There’s something that makes it feel more “new year” than the actual new year. I suppose it’s likely because where we live, it’s frigid and just…. gray from the months of October to February. 

Springtime means much warmer weather, beautiful sunshine and warmth on the skin. The birds chirp early in the morning waking you up for the longer and more fun-filled days of spring and summer. This ALWAYS brings on the urge to spring clean and revive our interior decor! It’s FUN to switch things up with the season change. It’s also affordable, and easily achievable. 

Read below for our super easy ways to update your home in as little as a weekend. 

Add Floral or Greenery

Such an incredibly simple, cheap change to make. Add new life to end tables, dining rooms and foyers with a dash of color from fresh or artificial flowers, whichever you prefer. Artificial flowers are much more realistic than they used to be, if you don’t prefer the upkeep but love the tone florals set, then grab some from a craft store nearby. Choose colors that compliment your space, but more importantly that make you happy! Additionally, greenery can be a simple and subtle way to welcome spring into the home as well. 

Update Photos and Frames

Do you have pictures filling up your frames dated from way back? It’s time to update friends! Get ready to finally print those pictures you are always taking on your phone. (we all do it right?) Take some time to get current with the memories that fill your home. Better yet, step away from the basic black frame and consider adding a bit more style and love to the frames themselves. It really does make a huge difference in your home, and it’s one of the first things guests always check out when they visit. Check out one of our favorites below!

Rearrange Your Space

Another easy way to switch it up? Move around furniture. Take an afternoon and play around with it. See what works best for the flow of your home and what makes the room feel it’s largest. Winter rooms often call for cozy and close, while open and airy spaces always feel best for spring and summer.  A room can suddenly feel brand new again. 

Slap on a Coat of Paint!

A simple coat of paint will update your space in a day or two. Get inspired by going online and checking out the latest colors in paint trends, or find palettes containing timeless neutrals that never go out of style. Whether you make a drastic change or a minor adjustment, you’ll feel renewed either way by covering up wall imperfections and expressing yourself with a bit of fresh color. 

What will you do in Spring of 2020 to update your space?

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