Creating a BUG-FREE Summer Outdoor Space – Must Know Tips!

Hey Friends! Not sure about you, but we wait very patiently each and every year to enjoy the warm sunshine and nights on the deck that are both comfortable and cozy! When you live in an area that experiences all four seasons in full like us, warm temperatures and summer in general is just so exciting every time it shows back up!

That being said, we realistically only have about four months of patio or porch time, and that’s IF we’re lucky! In January, we are intensely jealous of you southerners that think 60 degrees is cold. Point being, once the sunshine rolls in and we can bask in it, the last thing we want is to be bothered by… DUN, DUN, DUUUUUN…. BUGS! Ugh. Mosquitos being the absolute worst, regular flies, fruit flies, bees, wasps etc. They can really put a damper on an otherwise perfect, summer space! 

If you have yet to get a handle on this and really do not appreciate bugs lingering around you or your pets, then keep on reading for some of the best ways to send bugs on their way in Summer 2022!

Marigold Flower

Bug Repelling Summer Plants

When you dive into your landscaping and decorating this year, choose a few options that have a natural ability to repel mosquitoes and bugs. Citronella grass is perfect, which makes sense because of all those citronella candles we burn. Marigold flowers and lavender are another couple of options that help repel the bugs!

Invest in Professional Bug Spraying

We highly recommend hiring a company to spray your property on a monthly basis. It’s not too expensive, and usually well worth it. Especially if you have small kids and animals! If you’ve never had this service, they basically come with a big sprayer/blower and go all around your yard, under decks etc. It may not eliminate summer bugs 100%, but you can count on a good 80% deduction in most cases. Talk with your neighbors to see if they’re possibly interested. Not only will that help everyone in the neighborhood, it may also save some money for companies that offer a neighborhood discount.

Keep Your Outdoor Space as Clear of Food as Possible

One of the best parts of hanging outside in the warmer weather is dining in it too! We don’t want to be the fun police completely… BUT keeping an eye on spills and trash is important for keeping the bugs away. Try putting a trash can nearby (that you clean regularly), to encourage kids to actually throw things away. We can’t tell you how many times we find spilled juice, a popsicle stick or a bag of snacks lingering outside. This is a recipe for ants, bees, flies etc.

Summer Ice Cream

Indoor & Outdoor Bug Catchers

Bug catchers are disgusting, yet awesome. You can find several different kinds. We use a fly trap like this near garbage cans and an indoor one like this for mosquitoes and fruit flies. We grow a garden each year and this really attracts the fruit flies! You’ll be amazed at what these catchers will catch! Odd as it may be, you’ll likely have a massive amount of satisfaction looking at a bag full of dead flies! 

Citronella Candles

The candles are nice to have on hand for the evening hours and are not only helpful, they also create a nice ambiance. Invest some good candles for the summer that can be displayed to accentuate your outdoor décor!

DIY Summer Bug Spray

If you decide not to spray your entire property, at the very least, do a little bit of your own property spraying in areas that attract the most bugs. For instance, we have a raised deck that is enclosed. It’s a party of bugs down there, and as soon as the weather breaks, those mosquitos will come up from underneath and instantly attack our legs and ankles. Try to regularly combat damp areas like this.

Bug Spray

Go Scent Free

We all like to smell pretty! Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that just a little bit of perfume or scented lotion attracts the bugs to us like crazy. We make a point to avoid that altogether when we know we’re hanging outside. (specifically in the early evening) You can still moisturize with Aveeno or something similar.

Body Bug Spray Repellant

Any good summer hostess knows that a variety of bug sprays on hand are a must! We like to have a variety of options to cater to our guests preference. Kid friendly, more natural formulas all the way to more intense versions like OFF! Deep Woods. Different formulas work better for different people and certain people also may have allergies to certain product ingredients.

That Bug Bite Thing

This thing! It’s seriously amazing. I have never been so amazed with such a simple, cheap product that relieves itchy bug bites immediately. It basically acts as a suction device to pull out whatever is making you itch from the bite! Sounds weird but it does not hurt at all, and we literally have them scattered throughout our house and carry them in our purse too!

Use a Fan Outdoors

Did you know that plugging a fan outside can keep mosquitos away? They can’t actually fly into the wind! So grab one from storage, or buy a cheap one online and have it available as needed. It will no doubt feel amazing on those hot, muggy days too!

Keep up on it!

Some of these tips are preventative while others combat the bites! Although it’s probably impossible to avoid bugs altogether, using these tips consistently throughout the spring and summer can make a huge difference. Making it a priority will make outdoor relaxation and entertainment more comfortable for you and your family, and of course your guests

Enjoy those sunny summer months everyone!

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