Pets are like family. As a pet owner, I LOVE to spoil my pets to know how unconditionally loved they are to me and our family.

Here is a list of some really cool ideas and gadgets that as a pet owner is at the top of my list. These items will make living together fun, easy, stress-free and comfortable for both you and your pet.

1. Pet food storage and feeding unit
dog food

A complete storage and serving unit for your fur friend. I love to keep all my pets supplies in one place and this has it all. It is very convenient and makes feeding your dog extremely simple and organized. Everything your dog or cat eats can be stored in this multipurpose wooden unit. The best part is, the design takes away the stress of having to clean a messy area after your dog finishes eating.

2. Waterproof seat cover
 Waterproof seat cover

As a family, we love to take our dog on rides but let’s talk about dog hair! Dog hair gets all over the place in the back seat. And I really do dread cleaning the upholstery of the car every time we take our dog with us. With this awesome car seat cover, you don’t have to clean saliva, mud, and fur from the upholstery of your car after a fun ride with your dog. This provides comfort and less stress on you after you get back home.

3. Automatic ball launcher
Automatic ball launcher

For those dogs that are extremely energetic, this is the must toy to have. This automatic ball launcher can keep your pet busy fetching balls while you sit relaxed and watch your dog have fun. Ever wonder how to tire your pet out? This may be just what you need.

4. Pet Videophone
Pet Videophone

The one thing that upsets me more than anything when I leave the house is watching my dog or cat look out that window as if they were saying “Don’t leave me”!!!! This novice gadget is brilliant and allows you to communicate with your pet while you are at work, on a vacation or on a business trip!

5. Paw Wash
Paw Wash

Ok so let’s get real this is at the top of my list for keeping my dog's paws clean. After a playful time outside you definitely, don’t want your dog leaving dirty prints on your floors or in your car. This gadget makes it super simple and fast to clean your pet’s paws. Sometimes the dog's paws were covered in mud after going outside in the rain to potty and I was constantly washing off his paws with a rag before I let him in the house. Well, this was the answer to my prayer!