Beautiful Fall Color Schemes – With Little to No Orange!

We’ve mentioned this many times before, but we get bored… easily! Specifically when it comes to home decorating. One year we are totally obsessed with a certain look, color scheme or style and the next year we are ready for something new! I suppose it’s the excitement of change that we crave. 🙂

With about a week left in September, we are ready for the fall season. But this year, we’re not really ready for… all that orange. Don’t get us wrong, orange is beautiful. But we’ve had that at the forefront of our fall decor for years now, and remember that boredom thing we talked about? Thankfully, there are tons of other fall color schemes that do not disappoint in terms of being festive, charming and feel like a fresh breath of fall air!

Check out our new favorite fall color schemes and get inspired for your own home this season!

Bold Burgundy Colors

Rich shades of red like burgundy, maroon and wine are not new to fall decor or colors. But remove the Orange from being a part of the show and it really gives the red tones room to shine in a new and refreshing way. There are plenty of other colors that will work alongside burgundy besides the orange. Consider your own home, both interior and exterior, to see which combinations and tones would work best for you. Think red florals and fall leaves, textured wreaths or red apples!

Fall Home Decor

Color Scheme – Shades of Brown

Brown is EVERYWHERE lately and we LOVE it. There is something so warm and cozy about it. Think Caramel, Taupe, Dark and Milk Chocolates and Cognac. Browns are popular and easy to find at the moment, you can keep the whole color scheme in the brown family or accent it here and there with another color like Burgundy. Vases with pampas grass, woven pumpkins, tweed layers and even metallic browns can mix in a fun pop of glam.

Brown Color Scheme

Neutral & Natural Color Scheme

If you like neutral home decor, then you can always continue that home trend with your fall decor – soft whites, warm creams and greenery. This muted look is easy on the eye, classy and can be used in more than one season like when transitioning from late summer decor to fall. Visit your local farmers market or produce stand and you’ll find all sorts of white and green pumpkins in different sizes and shapes. Utilize cotton stems and greenery by mixing pumpkins, green hydrangeas, leafy stems. Take a trip to your local craft store and you’ll find all sorts of natural elements to add in.

Neutral Fall Color Scheme

Crisp Yellow Fall Sunflowers

Beautiful and bright sunflowers just scream late summer and early fall. You’ll easily find a ton of home decor options in sunflower prints like pillow covers, floral bouquets and DIY wreaths. Consider making sunflowers a part of your fall dining table decor and mix with plaids for a fun, colorful autumn vibe. Add sunflower themed pieces to a fireplace mantle, coffee tables and entryways.


Anything But Basic Black & White

The black and white color scheme is another classic. It’s super doable in terms of Halloween Decor, but it can transition into November too. If you’re going for a longer lasting fall decor time frame (late September-November), grab black and white pumpkins. If you like a bit more glam look, consider glittery black or white. Black and white plaid is another perfect way to add into the color scheme with welcome mats, kitchen towels and beyond! On the porch grab some white mums and display them with a flood of white pumpkins and if you’re crafty, grab some paint and add some design and texture to the pumpkins and tie it all together!

Black and White Color Scheme

Dusty Pinks & Brown

Another gorgeous idea that we think is fabulous for fall is a dusty mauve or blush pinks alongside light browns. Something about it says classy fall and even romantic in a way. Browns are easy to incorporate as we mentioned above, but in this case a bronzed brown with some shine or sparkle mixes magically with neutral pink tones. Think plush pink throw blankets, pink velvety pumpkin decor, pine cones and cherry blossoms. We love this special look for fall!

Fall Color Scheme

Blue & Gold or Yellow

We love how different this fall color combination is and thus, it is definitely inspiring us! Blue is bold, and not typically what you think of with Fall. But add in yellow leaves or golden pumpkins and suddenly it all makes sense. You could also go with mustard yellow which is super popular at the moment. Gold and blue provide fall decorating possibilities that are a more unique and tend to stand out from the crowd.

Blue and Gold Color Scheme

These are our favorite fall color schemes we’ve stumbled upon in 22′ thus far! You can always use this as a baseline idea and play with “shades” of each color instead. The possibilities are endless really! Always remember that a little DIY never hurt nobody and if you’re having trouble finding pieces in YOUR favorite color scheme, it can be really easy and affordable to give your current pieces a lil’ makeover.

What do you think? What’s your favorite fall color scheme?

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