Amazing Farmhouse Entryway Ideas

An Entryway is the first thing guests see as they enter your home.  It should represent the design and style in which you have decorated.  Whether it be a wood bench, side table or something else make sure it is unique and stylish and incorporates who you are as a home decorator!

Imagine your guests entering your home and the first thing they say is WOW!!, that’s amazing, I love how you have decorated your home!  Personally, I love Farmhouse décor! It is very rustic yet comforting at the same time. These decor ideas incorporate the feel of a farmhouse and bring your home to life!


I love everything about this entryway decor.  It is super simple with not a lot of clutter. The items needed for this decoration are not much.  This is something you could definitely make yourself! A simple multipurpose bench, some rustic wood planks, a few hooks and throw in a couple farm house pillows and décor items and there you have it!  A stylish and unique entryway that was created by the YOU!


Here is another Simple Rustic Farmhouse look!  Cotton is so easy to decorate with and cheap to buy!  Just look at how those two shutters have been positioned to make it seem like the doors of that barn have been opened. Having this at your entryway sends a direct message to your visitors that the doors to your home are opened to them and they are welcome. Remember, the idea is to make this arrangement simple and let the rustic creativity on the wall stand out so keep the décor you add to the table simple. Just a small windmill and a flower in a glass vase are enough to make your farmhouse entryway decor complete.


I love the Fall! It is my absolute FAVORITE time of year!  It means cold weather and football is right around the corner!  A mix of bright colored flowers that are easy to find at Michaels or any other craft store can brighten up any space and make it look festive.  The flowers can be changed out each season to change things up a bit. In December you can change the flowers out and put some Green olive branches or ferns along with some Red berry stems to brighten up the look for Christmas.  If you celebrate Hanukah, blue Hydrangeas would be perfect flower décor!

Just think after the holidays Spring is right around the corner with warmer weather and vacations!  I like to spruce up my entryway in the Spring with fresh flowers from my garden. The possibilities are endless.  Just Remember, keeping the look simple with not a lot of clutter is the goal especially if you have an entry way that is small.


The picture above is a good portrait of how to decorate with Spring flowers.  See how the Pink adds just a touch of color but it is not overwhelming. It is very subtle and beautiful.   I absolutely LOVE this entry way for few other reasons too. Can you say “Ship Lap” Yes please sign me up! The white shiplap on the wall looks so classy and the black door with the striped rug ties everything all together!


Bringing that old rustic feel to your house through decoration shows off your unique style so make it you’re own.  The highlight of this simple design is the stunning Grey Shabby Chic entryway table. This table is essentially the focal point of this room and everything else you add should complement it.  Keeping the décor unique is key. Look for antique shops to browse in on a weekend rather than going to the traditional Hobby Lobby or Kirkland’s store. Get creative and find a Farmhouse gem at an old family store.  Remember your décor is should be as unique as you because there is only one you in this world!


I saved my favorite for last! This beautiful chalked painted bench is screaming Country Cottage with a rustic appeal!  This bench is utterly AMAZING! These rustic decors could be incorporated in your home decor for any season including spring and the fun part is, all the ideas are DIY projects that could easily be implemented with your own unique style.

Bring that Shine to your house with a Farmhouse Entryway!

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  1. Stacy

    January 12, 2022 at 2:05 pm

    What is the color on the walls in #4 , #5, and #6?

    Thank you, love the ideas

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