About Us


Welcome to FoxCarr we are glad you dropped in!  Our story is pretty simple.  We are two unique individuals from two walks of life (I’m the Cali girl and he’s the Southern Country Charmer). We are both passionate about family, travel and spending quality time together.  As work and life became more hectic we realized how important it was to have a work-life balance, and that paved a way for us to grow in our relationship while building a business together on our own terms. With our desire to start our own home decor business, we settled on the first part of our pets names Foxy and Carly hence the name FoxCarr was brought to life as our home decor brand.

Owners of FoxCarr
Harold and Stacie Earls (Owners of FoxCarr)

The FoxCarr name is unique, and has even more meaning after Carly sadly passed away earlier this year when the business name had just been registered. Foxy is still with us today, healthy and living the life as a single spoiled pup! With my love for decorating, entertaining and shopping, we knew Home Decor was the product line we wanted to focus on.

Stacie with Foxy and Carly
Stacie with Foxy and Carly enjoying a sunny day by the river
Why we chose Home Decor as our product line

The #1 reason, of course, is because I absolutely LOVE to decorate. Decorating a home is an experience that captures your true sense of style. It can be something that sends you down memory lane but ultimately just needs to make you feel comfy and at home. Most people want their homes to have that “inviting feeling” when someone walks through their front door. Sometimes, all that needs to be done is just add that special touch of decor to your already beautiful home to make this possible. Our home decor products provide a feeling of warmth that brings out the beauty of your home and makes visitors feel welcomed. This is what our company stands to achieve with our products.

Each of our products on the market are well-crafted with a unique design that adds a feeling of warmth and a self-defined beauty. Your satisfaction as a customer is our top priority, therefore, all of our products are manufactured and designed with the best “eco-friendly” materials on the market. If you are not 100% satisfied we want to know about it so we can make it right!  Remember the old saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life”? Well, our motto as a company is “Happy Customer, Repeat Customer!” 

We Give Back

In honor of our beloved Carly girl who left us too soon, we wanted to make sure to honor her memory.  With this, FoxCarr shares its success by donating 10% of all net proceeds to Animal Rescue operations and or shelters for animals. After deducting the cost of the product including shipping and online fees associated with selling the product, 10% of our profit is donated to the Animal Rescue or Shelter of our choosing. The lovely part about this is, we want to make this decision with you, so if you have a shelter or rescue that you like and would like us to consider, please let us know.

WAIT! Don’t leave yet.

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